Medical Student Training


The department of radiation oncology welcomes rotating medical students. The goal of rotations is to introduce students to the role of radiation oncology in the management of patients with cancer. We expect rotating students to improve on their ability to take a focused history and physical examination, particularly with emphasis on the cancer-specific details. We hope that at the end of the rotation, students will have a better sense when radiation may play a role in the treatment of a patient, and when it may not. This requires not only understanding some nuances of radiation oncology, but also the disciplines of surgical and medical oncology, as well as our coordination of treatment with other services such as pain management, nutrition and rehabilitation.

Opportunities for University of Washington School of Medicine Students:

1st & 2nd year students:

  • Shadowing – This is a no-credit opportunity designed to introduce you to the basics of radiation oncology and help you decide if you want to look into it further.
  • Preceptorship – This for-credit opportunity works best for students who may already have this specialty on their short list and would like to take a more in-depth look.
  • Both experiences will allow students to experience how collaborative patient care is. Students will work with both attendings and residents.

3rd year students:

  • R Onc 695 – Clinical cancer management is available to MS3 students ONLY by approval of the clerkship director. Please contact Erin Van Antwerp ( if you are interested in speaking with the clerkship director.

4th year students:

  • R Onc 695 – Clinical cancer management is available to MS4 students both who are interesting in going into radiation oncology and adjacent fields.
  • R Onc 697 – Is used for University of Washington Student wishing to have an away elective in Radiation Oncology. All electives must be signed off by the clerkship director, please contact Erin Van Antwerp –

Opportunities for Visiting Students

The University of Washington participates in the AAMC’s Visiting Student Application Service.  All visiting students interested in rotating in our department must complete an application through VSAS and be approved by the University of Washington School of Medicine, before the department will review your application. Completing a rotation in our department does not guarantee interviews in our residency selection process.

The VSAS website can be found at

More information about the University of Washington School of Medicine visiting student program can be found at:

The contact email is: (to check status of application)

Medical Student Program Contacts:

Ralph Ermoian, MD
(can be reached by contacting Erin below)

Erin Van Antwerp, MHA